Please note of the requirements for using the Access app. We always recommend installing the latest update from Google Play Store.

Below you will find information on common problems:

Error message "Rooted device" or this page opens after starting the Access app

If the usage restrictions defined by the manufacturer are removed from a smartphone (Rooting, Custom ROMs), there is a risk that security-relevant data and sensitive information on the functioning of the app may be disclosed. For reasons of security, the Access app cannot be used on devices that have been modified in such a way. Please reset the device back to its original state, in order to use the Access app.

Installed apps like SuperSU or Magisk can also block the Access app, as these could affect the security of the app. Removing such apps could help to resolve the problem.

Android beta versions

For security reasons, the Access App cannot be used if an Android beta version is installed on your smartphone. We make compatible updates of the Access App available in plenty of time before introduction of new Android versions.

Downloading problems

If problems are experienced while downloading and installing the Access app, please empty the Google Play Store cache (example Samsung):

  • Open the device's settings
  • Select "Apps"
  • Select "Google Play Store"
  • Select "Storage"
  • Tap "Delete cache" and "Delete data"

Other errors

It helps us a lot if you activate the function for sending error reports to Google. We can analyze these messages and thus resolve the problems. We also appreciate your feedback in the Google Play Store – in case of problems or simply if you like the app. If you provide a specific problem description, this will enable us to help you better.