The UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO)

Investing with UBS: CIO at your side

by Solita Marcelli, Chief Investment Officer Americas, UBS Wealth Management

A variety of factors may influence an advisor’s decision to move to another firm. UBS offers a supportive workplace, advisor-centric culture, world-class resources, and the ability to provide greater value and service to our clients.

One specific differentiator is the UBS Chief Investment Office (CIO). CIO is dedicated to serving our Wealth Management Financial Advisors and their clients with business-critical market analysis and actionable insights to help them find new opportunities, navigate risks and ultimately grow their existing business.

The UBS CIO team received the inaugural award for the best Private Bank Chief Investment Office by PWM/The Banker. 

The PWM/The Banker Global Private Banking Awards are based on information April to June of the award year. UBS paid a license fee for use of the rating. The rating is based on quantitative factors and is not necessarily related to the quality of the investment advice. 

This article provides a closer look at these advantages because UBS CIO is focused on what is best for you and your clients.

Our CIO team was designed to be one of the most important and trusted partners for the firm’s Financial Advisors. There are four distinct advantages for Financial Advisors working with UBS CIO:

Unique global scale and breadth of research

Market-moving events often originate outside the US, such as the recent Evergrande default and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the importance of having a global perspective. Our UBS CIO team has an unrivaled global scale that helps our advisors and clients stay ahead of the curve.

The CIO team consists of 180-plus investment specialists across 11 key financial hubs. This unique setup enables 24-hour analysis and the ability to quickly assess the impact of global developments and communicate how this informs our investment strategy recommendations.

In the US specifically, we have over 50 analysts covering a wide range of topics, including portfolio strategy, asset allocation, and all major US equity and fixed income asset classes and sectors. We also continue to build out our research capabilities in the alternatives space and have resources devoted to longer-term opportunities around thematic and sustainable investments.

What does this mean for our Financial Advisors? A steady stream of trusted insights to help you assess developments around the world, and expertise right here in the US to help you understand our collective views.

A strong and independent investment process

Our global investment process, which results in our House View on the economy and markets, is seasoned with the goal of generating alpha. In a particularly difficult year for markets that has featured both stocks and bonds falling, CIO has helped our clients navigate vast amounts of volatility. For example, in March we provided guidance to de-risk portfolios amid uncertainty around the war in Ukraine and inflation. We also highlighted ways to hedge against inflation and geopolitical risks, for example, through our preference for commodities. CIO has also been vocal about risks in speculative areas of the market, such as SPACs and cryptocurrencies, which have now come under pressure.

Since CIO is dedicated to its mandate as an independent research organization, you can also rest assured knowing that views and insights are void of any outside influence, and there are no hidden objectives. The goal of any advice coming from our team is always to pursue the best client outcomes possible. And because we are required to publish all of our views, there is always full transparency into our thought process and rationale.

A customized and personalized offering

Our team works closely with internal partners to ensure our Financial Advisors can build customized portfolios that align with CIO’s investment insights.

Another key differentiator of UBS CIO is our accessibility. Our team of analysts are dedicated to the wealth management business and available to meet with you and your clients—addressing a wide range of topics. Beyond the delivery of our market and economic outlook, we have recently hosted conversations on topics impacting clients’ everyday lives such as the housing market, and trends shaping the future such as the electric vehicle revolution, genomics, the metaverse and more.

Resources to power your client conversations

Our thought leadership is designed for advisors to share with clients. And so far this year alone, CIO has published 3,000 reports on a variety of topics, hosted more than 20 client livestreams with nearly 100,000 views, created 50 videos and generated over 300,000 podcast listens. CIO can also help power your client meetings. In particular, our Financial Advisors benefit from content-rich presentations and slides to use with clients.

We understand there is no shortage of research and market analysis available for those working in the financial services industry. Despite this deep bench of stock reports and macro forecasts, it is not always easy to decipher which sources you can trust. At UBS, CIO is designed to help our advisors filter through the noise to provide the most concise and timely global information, which they can then apply to their own clients’ situation.

To learn more about how the UBS CIO can support your business growth or to apply for a UBS Financial Advisor role, submit your contact information to be connected with a Field Leader. 

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