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Our expertise

As a leading global investor in the infrastructure asset class investing since 2004, we provide you with an opportunity to invest directly in equity and debt infrastructure assets, and indirectly via fund-of-fund solutions as well as individually managed accounts with a focus on operational infrastructure assets in OECD countries. We offer integrated solutions to institutional clients such as pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and foundations.

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Our approach

Expert team

We have a team of dedicated infrastructure investment and research specialists with complimentary experience located in major markets across Europe, the US and APAC. Our combined expertise works to generate innovative ideas to help meet your investment goals.

Established platform

We are a leading global investor in the infrastructure asset class which has proven resilience through various economic cycles to provide effective duration for liability-driven investors, who seek stable, predictable long-term cash flows.

Targeted approach

We target infrastructure assets that provide essential services, possess strong cash flow and retain inflation protection attributes across key sectors including transport, utilities, energy, telecommunications, social infrastructure, renewables, eco-transport and energy storage.

ESG aspects

We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainable investing. Our investment process can involve rigorous vetting of the ESG aspects of an asset, and throughout the investment's life, we continue to monitor its environmental and social impact.

Embracing alternatives

A quick glance at what UBS Asset Management offers in the alternatives space


Infrastructure generally has a much more stable cash flow and is typically able to generate a predictable annual income return higher than today's fixed-income options.

Tommaso Albanese, Chair Infrastructure Investment Committees

2023 Assessment report

GRESB Real Estate and Infrastructure

UBS Asset Management, Real Estate & Private Markets’s (REPM) sustainability efforts continue to be recognized by the industry.

Our strategies


Innovative offering focused on global high-yielding traditional (core/core+) infrastructure investments in the small-to middle-market and operating assets with strong, stable cash flows.


Wide array of offerings focused on the global high-yielding and experienced team with the ability to source, structure and monitor positions, specializing in mid-market.


We offer institutional investors a one stop solution to access a global diversified infrastructure portfolio focusing on brownfield infrastructure assets generating long-term stable, cash flows.