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Thought leadership reports in philanthropy

We need to help: Thoughtful philanthropy in response to humanitarian crises

Our team of Philanthropy Advisors and UBS Optimus Foundation Program Directors, with over two decades of expertise, offer the most important guidance for impactful giving during humanitarian crises. With this guide, donors can fund the right organizations for the greatest impact. And they can make sure their giving helps both during a disaster as well as on the long road to recovery and be prepared for​ the next crisis.

Picture of Health: A guide toward better health for all

Picture of Health combines the expertise of more than 25 health experts, philanthropists and changemakers, with UBS´s twenty plus years of experience in advising clients on making an effective impact. Find out how you can make a difference.

Seeds of Change: A guide to protect life on land

This guide combines the expertise of more than 50 environmentalists, philanthropists and changemakers, together with UBS’s 20+ years of experience in advising clients on making an effective impact. Find out how you can take action

Sea beyond the Blue: A guide on the oceans for philanthropists and changemakers

With this guide, we are bringing you over 20 years of experience in advising our clients on strategic philanthropy and the expertise of over 60 ocean experts, philanthropists, and changemakers who shared with us – and now with you – what they feel the priorities for ocean conservation are, what they have learned over the years, and their best tips to help you take impactful actions.

The Global Philanthropy Report

Perspectives on the global foundation sector" is the most comprehensive analysis to date of global philanthropic practices and trends. The report was authored by researchers at the Hauser Institute for Civil Society at Harvard University and funded by UBS.

Creating impact through philanthropy: A Nordic perspective (2017)

A perspective on philanthropy and social investment by wealthy individuals in Denmark, Finland Norway, and Sweden.

Study conducted in partnership with the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. Published 2017.

Reports: New Values and Vision: Perspectives on Philanthropy in 21st Century China (2017)

An exploratory study of philanthropic giving among China's very wealthy citizens.

Study conducted by Harvard University, available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Philanthropy Compass

Deciding on how to go about your philanthropy is not always easy and there are many questions to consider. This is why we have created the UBS Philanthropy Compass, a practical guide for you to bring about meaningful change through your philanthropic endeavours.

The Compass is a handbook that can help you to become an impactful philanthropist by discussing the key issues any philanthropist should consider when shaping his or her philanthropy. The Compass guides you through the necessary building blocks and addresses the key questions of how to plan one’s own philanthropy, how to implement it, as well as how to engage with others.

Fundraising guide: A resource for philanthropists

Understanding how to access additional resources, how to find funding collaborators and ultimately how to fundraise is a common challenge for many philanthropists. While significant resources exist for professional fundraisers, little exists for philanthropists themselves. For this reason we have developed the Fundraising Guide: A Resource for Philanthropists, to help philanthropists plan, initiate and execute a successful fundraising drive.

This handbook has been developed with philanthropists in mind, to help guide you in your fundraising and resource mobilisation activities. It is designed to lead you on a journey, from asking yourself the key question of why you want to fundraise and in turn why would someone give, to developing and implementing a plan, who to approach and how elicit support.