Modern philanthropy made simple

Donor-Advised fund

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A donor-advised fund (DAF) enables you to have a cost effective and truly flexible way to donate to your favorite charities. If you wish to create a lasting legacy, you can involve family members in your giving too.

A cost effective and simple alternative to setting up your own independent trust or foundation

We handle all the governance and tax reporting at no cost to you. This saves you time and money, which you can invest in your charitable commitments instead. Quick to set up and simple in structure, a DAF can be managed in line with your usual investment approach.
Your charitable donations are invested within the parameters you select, such as capital, growth or income, so you can grow your fund to make grants at a later date. Another benefit is the ability to take an immediate tax deduction for your contribution, even if it is granted to the beneficiary charity later.

Please speak with your UBS contact to find out if a DAF is available in your region.