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India Market Strategy: UBS Evidence Lab inside: muted urban consumer sentiment, but growth drivers steady

04 November 2019

Income growth expectations have slowed, but how supportive are the macro drivers? Insights from UBS Evidence Lab's latest survey of about 1,600 urban consumers.

How do we unwrap the plastic problem?

23 October 2019

Plastic pollution is front-page news; pressure on companies is growing. Twenty-two UBS analysts discuss investment implications from a potential decline in plastic use.

Is 5G ready for mass adoption?

04 October 2019

In 5 years we expect 5G to cover 50-60% of the population, reach 1.5bn mobile subscribers and provide 20x the speed of 4G. But what will it cost and which countries will lead in adoption?

Big banks and the bigtech, fintech & digibank incursion. What is at stake?

06 September 2019

Big banks are under siege from low rates, regulatory demands, fintech, newtech & maybe big tech. Here are our findings after a year of analysing the long term and asking what is at stake.

Is global construction facing a synchronised slowdown? – a supply-chain analysis

16 August 2019

Construction is slowing globally. Our in-depth, top-down and multi-industry review, using data from UBS Evidence Lab, helps navigate the new fundamental backdrop.

Power generation: slow boil or red alert?

01 August 2019

Are we on track for 2050 climate targets? Could the trajectory change? We evaluate scenarios and sectors using UBS Evidence Lab data and cross-sector analysis.

Will climate change propel Hybrid Electric Aviation?

11 June 2019

Embracing green aviation would be positive for Aerospace, Transport and consumer demand.

What impact has trade war risk had on markets?

3 June 2019

Different asset classes, and even securities within the same asset class, are pricing-in varying degrees of trade war risk.

How will robotaxis reshape the urban world?

22 May 2019

The mass adoption of robotaxis will have far-reaching implications across many industries.

Does India have a second chance to replicate China?

23 April 2019

That India seems to have missed out on manufacturing is becoming the consensus view.

Who will win the billionaires’ space race?

17 March 2019

For some, space tourism, or long-haul travel utilising space, is science fiction, but we think in the coming decade it will be a new market for travel/leisure industry.

How much of US Retail Sales will move online?

19 December 2018

The (at least) $4 trillion dollar question.

The AI arms race

31 October 2018

At the 2019 Greater China Conference, we had a chance to speak with Dr. Kai Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and President of Sinovation Venture's Artificial Intelligence Institute to discuss the future of China’s growth in AI.

Is The Kitchen Dead?

18 June 2018

Online food delivery is a mega-trend that looks set to grow tenfold over the next decade.