What do 90 industry experts think about the outlook for EV in China?

To gain a deeper understanding of China's rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) market, we conducted a proprietary poll among 85 OEM product managers working for domestic and foreign carmakers. We also organised a roundtable discussion with a new energy researcher, an automobile digitalisation expert, two product managers from domestic and foreign EV brands and an auto key opinion leader (KOL) with 200,000 followers on question-and-answer website Zhihu.com.

A smarter future

When asked to forecast China's EV sales by 2025, our panel of product managers and the experts at our roundtable gave a wide range of figures, with an average estimate of 3.3m units. Despite the varying outlooks, both the poll participants and our roundtable participants agreed that "smart" is the future of EV, e.g., smart cockpit and its ecosystem and, in the long run, self-driving. A consensus among the roundtable participants was that while charging is the major constraint today, the battery, motor and electric system of EIC (electric, instrumentation and computer) should be less critical in future.

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