Asset under Management of Signatories the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

The chart shows the number of Signatories and Asset owners who have signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment year-on-year.

ESG Data & Services: A ~$2.2bn total available market (TAM), with blue-sky upside of $5.1bn by 2025

ESG has come a long way since our initial deep dive last year, and while the opportunity is still in its early days, we believe growth will accelerate post COVID-19. In this Q-Series report, we analyze the rapidly growing market for Information Services providers, which we currently estimate to be ~$2.2bn, and outline potential scenarios for growth over the next five years. We also highlight UBS Evidence Lab data, which points to bullish expectations for ESG data spend, while "Performance of ESG investing" and "Lack of reporting standards" are cited as the most important topics. In our blue-sky scenario, we think the TAM can reach $5.1bn in 2025 (~18% CAGR).

ESG initiatives moving front-and-center across multiple industries

The impact from accelerated ESG demand is not limited to Information Services companies, but also includes Exchanges, Asset Managers, and Banks, among others. In this report, a team of 14 UBS equity, credit, and ESG analysts around the world explore the implications of stronger demand for ESG data and services, highlight the most favored stocks on this trend, and discuss implications for corporate credit investing.

Adoption of ESG poised to accelerate post COVID-19

Our dedicated ESG team believes that adoption of ESG and sustainable investing will continue to accelerate, with the pandemic shining a light on various areas across E, S, and G, including an emphasis on social. In particular, there will likely be an increased focus on system resilience following the disruption caused by COVID-19. As a result, we think that this places even more importance on the role of data and analytics in assessing the outlook for ESG, which should benefit information services providers.

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