Economics & Strategy Fundamental Analytics: Your guide to identify companies which have resilience

Analysing company resilience requires a shift in analytical lens. What worked in 2019 is unlikely to work in 2020. Use our guide to help navigate this path.

27 Mar 2020

Which companies have the resilience to weather the COVID-19 crisis?

Global VIX is at an unprecedented level, even more so than during the Global Financial Crisis. It is at times like this that we need to fully consider the downside tail risk and analyse the financial resilience of companies.

In our report, we provided a framework to breakdown the big questions into smaller, testable hypotheses to analyse risks in companies that might not occur in a normal circumstance. We look at :

  • How to unpack the big questions into smaller, testable hypotheses to analyse financial resilience
  • How our interactive quality screening model works to help you sift and identify  your targets
  • Assessing the resilience of cash flows based on four components:
    • Asset quality
    • Cash flow generation assessment
    • Accessible liquidity assessment
    • Cash flow flexibility
  • Analysing all obligations of the company – NOT just debt

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