One place to find thematic research on the trends shaping our world today

UBS has been publishing our flagship Q-Series™ reports since 2002, where our analysts address your biggest investment questions with deep, thematic research. These reports attempt to predict long-term trends and connect the dots across stocks, sectors, geographies and asset classes. As we enter a new decade, we have synthesised these into one single piece built around 10 critical themes that could cause the biggest changes ahead, or that are behind the biggest challenges we face today. Advance your thinking on these debates with our data, analyses, and forecasts.

Ten themes that threaten to transform all sectors, covered across UBS Research

Our global analyst teams have recently covered topics ranging from space travel and robotaxis to robotic kitchens and the future of food, considered the impacts of A.I., cloud computing and robotics, and much more. From all of these sector reports, we have identified 10 over-arching critical themes that could shape a fourth industrial age. Read our views on:

  1. exponential computing,
  2. new means of transport, 
  3. wellness tech,
  4. robotics,
  5. A.I.,
  6. climate change & repair,
  7. new materials,
  8. digital finance,
  9. eCommerce,
  10. sharing economies.

Built around your questions, we lay out the themes, timelines, and datasets

The UBS Question Bank has over 100,000 questions, pointing us to the biggest debates and uncertainties facing markets today. We then challenged our analysts to research either the current horizon, or make predictions well into the future and lay out the signposts to watch for. Our insights are often powered by UBS Evidence Lab.

Stocks associated with the themes

The top down isn’t enough alone, so from our library of reports featured here, we have identified the stocks that are most-frequently associated with these 10 themes.

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