Fixed Income Commodities

Are you a commodities investor looking to express your views of the market, a refiner seeking to convert risks, or a producer or consumer wanting to hedge risks?

UBS Commodities is a client demand driven business delivering services across all commodities sectors, including full access to our leading precious metals products and services.

From Risk Management, enabling clients to either reduce or convert their exposure, through to Direct or Structured Investment, we enable counterparties to express their view or to position themselves in the markets. We can structure deals at all levels of complexity and provide liquidity during, and outside, exchanges times and in all time zones.

We trade both Over-The-Counter (OTC) and Exchange Traded financial instruments and through us you can tailor your hedge or exposures with either futures or derivatives on broadly-traded or specific assets.

As a major provider of Commodity Indices we can facilitate your exposure to first generation indices, access to second generation indices and third generation customized bespoke strategies tailored to your individual needs.

We also offer financial hedging services to producers and users of energy commodities.

Full list of the  underlying commodity assets (PDF, 56 KB)

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