EMEA 2021

UBS conferences lead the financial services industry and provide a variety of opportunities for investors. From global sector multi day programmes to product or country specific one-on-one days. Our conferences provide investors, company management and industry experts the ability to connect, while gathering insight on corporate strategies and industry trends.

Technology One-on-One Virtual Conference

Tuesday,  9 – Wednesday, 10 March
Virtual (London)
Host: Michael Briest and David Mulholland

A spectrum of management teams across all of European technology to be present at the conference, complimented by representatives from select US and Asian companies. Experienced UBS technologists will also discuss emerging technology trends and their application at UBS.

Energy Virtual Conference 2021

Tuesday, 16 – Thursday, 18 March
Virtual (London)
Host: Amy Wong

Over the three days of the conference we will host presentations from E&P, refining and oilfield service companies. One-on-one meetings will also be available.

Best of Italy Conference

Monday, 10 – Tuesday, 11 May
Virtual (Milan)
Host: Gabriele Spinelli

This conference provides a perfect platform for Italian corporates to discuss current market topics with the investment community in 1on1 meetings and give an update on their performance

Pan European Small and Mid-Cap Virtual Conference

Tuesday, 11 – Thursday, 13 May
Virtual (London)
Hosts: Bosco Ojeda and Marc Heim

The UBS Annual Pan European Small and Mid-Cap conference will again present c. 75 companies across 3 days, making it one of the biggest annual gatherings between institutional investors and key companies.

The schedule will be as follows: 

  • Tuesday, 11 May: Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Wednesday, 12 May: Austria, Germany, Nordics, Switzerland
  • Thursday, 13 May: Benelux, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain

In a segment that requires extensive bottom up analysis, the event aims to provide investors a platform to meet with the most senior representatives at a broad range of Companies. The conference features a combination of one-on-one and small group meetings with no presentations.

Annual Financial Institutions Conference

Wednesday, 19 – Friday, 21 May
Virtual (Zurich)

With the 22nd Financial Institutions Conference UBS is providing an opportunity for Europe-based issuers to discuss current funding and capital topics with their peers and the investment community. In addition the conference offers selected 1-on-1 meetings for investors and issuers to meet in an efficient manner.

LATAM Virtual Conference

June  – date tbc
Virtual (London)

This conference has been organised specifically to give clients the opportunity to meet with the management from the top LATEMEA companies on a one-on-one or small group basis. The conference will provide a great forum for investors to unearth the best opportunities in the regions and understand the structural and cyclical trends which will drive markets

24th Annual Nordic Financials Service Conference

September – date tbc
Hosts: Carl Hansén and Johan Ekblom

At our 24th Annual Nordic Financial Services Conference, we are delighted to host top management from the largest Nordic Banks as well as representatives from Swedish regulatory bodies

Business Services, Leisure and Transport Conference

September – date tbc
Hosts: Jarrod Castle, Dominic Edridge, Rory McKenzie, Bilal Aziz, Cristian Nedelcu, Caroline Tinsley Raul, Heidi Richardson and Louise Wiseur

Now in its 26th year, the UBS Business Services, Leisure and Transport Conference is one of the longest established London based conferences. Day 1 will focus on Transport and Travel, Day 2 Transport, Travel and Leisure, and Day 3 will be devoted to Business Services.  We will again be hosting the management of over 40 companies who will be participate in one-on-one and group meetings over the three days. The conference offers investors high value, good quality corporate access, particularly from global companies who are not in London frequently.

Renewables and Energy Transition Conference

September – date tbc
Host: Sam Arie

Meet global leaders in the sector at the UBS Renewables and Energy Transition Virtual Conference. We will be joined by 20+ CEO/ CFOs  from the large cap utilities, small and mid-cap renewable developers, equipment manufacturers, hydrogen specialists and other companies and experts leading the energy transition.

Best of Switzerland

Tuesday, 14 – Friday, 17 September
Hosts: Daniel Graf and Daniele Brupbacher

The two day conference gives institutional investors the opportunity to meet with senior managers from Large and Small/MidCap companies. We offer two parallel streams of main hall presentations over two days as well as a lot of opportunities for one-on-one and small group meetings.

24th Annual SA Financials Conference

October – date tbc
Cape Town
Hosts: Michael Christelis, Stephan Potgiete

A leading event on the financials calendar with presenters from the banking and insurance sectors.

12th Annual SA Economics Conference

October – date tbc
Cape Town
Hosts: Gyorgy Kovacs

Speakers from business, academic institutions and the government to assess the recent economic and policy trends and potential inflection points that is likely to take place.

UBS European Conference

November - date tbc

An important annual gathering of over 100 European CEOs and  features presentations, panel discussions, lively debates, a full programme of one-on-one, small group meetings and unique networking opportunities.

Global Real Estate CEO/CFO Conference

December - date tbc
Hosts: Osmaan Malik

An ideal format to meet with more than 70 real estate companies and REITs, industry experts and other UBS representatives from the developed and emerging markets, to understand first hand, the market dynamics across the world and gain insight into which regions and companies are best positioned to capitalise on the market environment.