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It’s only by truly understanding where people want to be in their life that we can begin to help them get there. Which is why we’ve called our Global campaign Life’s Questions.

Managing your investments often doesn't start with a financial conversation, but with a human one. So only by understanding your individual goals can we begin to answer your financial needs. By paying attention and listening closely, we know what keeps you awake at night and what gets you up in the morning. And today, whilst a thousand answers seem just a click away, the real question is which is the right one for you, at the right time and place in your life?

Our brand campaign raises the things most on our clients’ minds. Because the start of a powerful conversation is to ask the right question.

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Inclusion and diversity are drivers of our culture. We collaborated with Annie Leibovitz to explore how successful people from the worlds of business, sports and arts have tackled these questions, and how we can help you find the best way forward.

In parallel with this collaboration, we created the UBS-commissioned exhibition of 'WOMEN: New Portraits' which toured in 10 cities, starting in 2016. The portraits feature women of outstanding achievement including artists, musicians, politicians, writers and philanthropists. As of 2019, Annie Leibovitz is represented worldwide by Hauser & Wirth.

Nobel Perspectives

Asking the questions that shape our world: in a time where everything is uncertain, how do we know what's real or fake? We've teamed up with the brightest economic thinkers of our time, more than 45 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences.

Cutting through the media noise to offer real insights on economics, politics and society, they share their answers to some of the toughest challenges. Whether it's an economic border, global warming or labor markets, the only way to get really good answers is by asking the questions that matter.

Women in Economics

In partnership with the Centre for Economic Policy Research, CEPR, an independent, non-profit network of more than 1,300 economists, we’ve expanded our ongoing Nobel Perspectives program (the largest repository of digital content on award winning economic theories) to highlight Women in Economics.

The aim is to focus on economists who are in the middle of their careers, but have already made a major impact in their fields. With fresh thinking and diverse perspectives, they are paving the way to influence the current and next generation of women leaders and economists.

Woman's eye

Women by UBS

A club specifically for our female clients, designed to offer a qualified professional network and provide services and skills that meet their professional and private equity needs.