Women by UBS

Women by UBS is a club founded in July 2016 by women bankers at UBS.

It aims to offer our female clients a qualified professional network and provide services and expertise that meet their professional and private management needs.

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Our goals

• Provide you with global expertise on finance, tax and wealth matters

• Help you structure and manage your assets

• Create opportunities for you to connect with the rest of the Club by organising regular events

Our commitment

Support women entrepreneurs and the role of women worldwide and meet UN Goal 5: Gender Equality

Around the globe, UBS is going the extra mile and has adopted much broader criteria, such as those suggested by the NGO Equileap. This Dutch organisation supplies a database to help promote gender equality in the workplace. Each year, the Equileap Gender Equality Global Report assesses the gender equality progress made by certain companies using 19 criteria.

The 2018 report, which analyses diversity data for over 3,000 major companies and ranks the top 200, put UBS at 18th in the world, 1st among Swiss companies and in the top 10 for the financial sector.

In January 2019, UBS Wealth Management and Equileap together launched the UBS Global Gender Equality fund.

By investing in 100 global companies with the best gender equality indicators, UBS is showcasing its ability to promote principled financial products that are aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Did you know?

85.6 years

Women view long-term finances as very important. With a life expectancy of 85.6 years in 2020, women in France live longer than men (79.7 years). This longer life expectancy comes with new financial challenges that need to be considered, including a pension and managing finances.

There are many benefits to sharing financial decisions

Women who take part in long-term financial decisions not only increase their chances of ensuring their financial security but are also more optimistic about the future.

The main benefits of sharing decisions

"We make fewer mistakes when both of us are involved."

"I'm more confident about our financial future."

"I'm less stressed about our finances."

However, many women decide to not take part in long-term financial decisions

Women who let their partner take the lead have many reasons for doing so. However, the main reason is to do with the idea that women worry about how knowledgeable they are.

Reasons why women decide to not take part in long-term investment decisions

"I think my partner knows more than I do about this topic."

"My partner contributes the most to our household income."

"We divide up the duties; I handle other responsibilities."

Our events

Few lives take a clearly defined route – life usually presents us with obstacles or problems. We rise to these challenges because they enrich our lives, although some are less welcome than others. However, one thing is still true: a long-term financial growth plan that protects your assets will put you in a good position to contend with the ups and downs of life. 

Our club and teams will help you find concrete and definite solutions to the issues you face. Let's get to know each other.

"We help women entrepreneurs in France by organising with them – and for them only – exclusive meetings, discussions about experiences and debates on the life topics of women entrepreneurs."

Solange Ducommun, Private Banker and Co-Founder of the Women by UBS Club

"By holding our meetings, we try to get women familiarised with finance. Our meetings are organised around key milestone themes in a person's life, as some life events force people to rethink their financial situation."

Aurélie Ohayon, Private Banker and Co-Founder of the Women by UBS Club

Our Events


  • Annual conference on Paroles d'entrepreneures: Des femmes engagées pour un avenir durable? (Talking to women in business: are women committed to a sustainable future) run by Muriel Motte, editorial journalist for L’Opinion with Sarah Benabdallah, Climate and Environment Director at Chanel, Camille Colbus, Deputy Managing Director of Too Good To Go, Emmanuelle Leclerc, Executive Officer for the PiLeJe Foundation, Florence Didier-Noaro, Sustainable Strategy and Extrafinancial Risk Management Consultant and Colette Bonnet, organic champagne grower
  • What Women Want to Know audioconferences #Share valuations #Bonds, instructions for use! #The aftermath: what major topics will shape the world after Covid-19
  • Conference: "What it takes to become a philanthropist", led by Muriel Motte, editorial journalist at l'Opinion, with the participation of Axelle Davezac, director of Fondation de France, Pascale Rousseau-Dewambrechies, founder of Fondation L'Accompagnatrice and Anne-Cécile Mailfert, chairman of Fondation des Femmes.
  • Post-U;S elections videoconference: "Who is Kamala Harris? Portrait and perspectives", presented by Nicole Bacharan, historian, writer, political scientist and specialist in american society and franco-american relations and Géraldine Meyer, manager in the Active Advisory team of UBS France.

UBS (France) S.A. & Fondation de France
What it takes to become a philanthropist,
October 14th 2020 


  • Annual conference on Paroles d'entrepreneures: La conduite du changement (Talking to women in business: driving change) run by Muriel Motte, editorial journalist for L’Opinion with Hélène Boulet Supau, Managing Director of Sarenza, Marion Darrieutort, Chairwoman of Elan Edelman, Joanna Herrick, Vice-Chair of the Rand Group and Aude Leveau, company secretary for the Dapper Foundation
  • Get to know U conference with Géraldine Meyer, Investment Advisor, Sylvie Le Rumeur, Head of Life Insurance, Stéphanie Bourdeau, Wealth Planner and Jérôme Pin, Head of M&A, followed by a wine-tasting session hosted by Carole Samzun-Gaillard, oenologist and founder of Chais'Elles


  • Annual conference on Paroles d'entrepreneures: Quand la femme reprend l'entreprise familiale (Talking to women in business: when women take over the family business), run by Muriel Motte, editorial journalist for L’Opinion with Sylvie Casenave-Péré, Chairwoman of the Posson Group, Julie Leibovici, former CEO of Groupe Monin, Isabelle MacElhone, owner of Harry's Bar and Véronique Valcke, Managing Director of Hôtels Baverez
  • Women By UBS Dinner Club: 2018 un tournant pour les marchés? (2018, a turning point for the markets?) with two investment experts each offering a complementary approach to the current economic climate, Philippe Mueller (CIO France) and Claudia Panseri, UBS Equity Strategist.
  • Lunch meeting with Laurence Danon Arnaud on the topic Comment aider les PME à devenir des ETI? (Helping SMEs enter the mid-size market)
  • Conference debate with Philippe Mueller (CIO France) and Nicole Bacharan, Franco-American journalist and political commentator, an expert on America and US politics


  • Annual conference on Paroles d'entrepreneures: l'échec, clé du succès (Talking to women in business: failure is the key to success), hosted by Muriel Motte, editorial journalist for L’Opinion, with Natalie Bader, Chairwoman of Clarins, Rachel Chicheportiche, co-founder of fashion house Jérôme Dreyfuss, and Irène Cohen, co-founder of Bonton
  • How does it Work? breakfast meeting with Susana Valero, Head of UBS IPS Spain and Julien Vincenti, Head of Investments France, as well as Danièle Wajsbrot, former chairwoman of Banque Postale
  • Christian Dior – l'histoire d'un mythe (Christian Dior - the story of a legend) gala dinner, with a private visit to Dior Montaigne
  • Conference on Les nouveaux business models au féminin (New business models get the female touch), hosted by Elvira Masson, with Sophie Hersan from Vestiaire Collective, Melody Madar, co-founder of website Les Eclaireuses, and Sarah Azan, co-founder of Babbler


  • Conference on La valeur des bijoux dans votre patrimoine (Why gems deserve a place in your portfolio), in partnership with Artcurial with contributions from Pauline Laigneau, Founder of Gemmyo and Edéenne.
  • Wine tasting conference Approche plaisir et patrimoniale de l'oenologie (Oenology for pleasure and for investment) with Laura Azema, oenologist and consultant