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Diversified and differentiated lending strategies

Our expertise

O’Connor Capital Solutions (“OCS”) provides bespoke lending solutions with a focus on corporate lending and asset finance (hard and financial assets) by accessing various sourcing channels and sectors.

What sets us apart

Core focus

We provide lending solutions to companies and assets owned by families and family offices and we have cultivated a sourcing network to supply us with opportunities.

Differentiated sourcing channels

In addition to our OCS network and more traditional sourcing channels, UBS Wealth Management and Investment Bank provide us with differentiated deal flow.

Experienced team

Our team has experience across the deal cycle from sourcing to closing. All senior team members have substantial restructuring experience.

Consistent investment process and risk management

From deal sourcing to execution, we actively monitor the portfolio and employ risk management until repayment.

O’Connor Private Credit Opportunities

The O'Connor Private Credit Opportunities strategy seeks to focus on corporate lending and asset finance to family, founder and other non-sponsor-owned companies and assets. Watch as Baxter Wasson, Co-Head of O'Connor Capital Solutions, discusses how this differentiated strategy pursues the attractive opportunity set.

Embracing alternatives

A quick glance at what UBS Asset Management offers in the alternatives space

  • Baxter Wasson

    Co-Head O’Connor Capital Solutions

  • Rodrigo Trelles

    Co-Head O’Connor Capital Solutions

We believe that private credit has favorable dynamics due to continued demand from borrowers. Limited and diminishing supply of bank lending is the new normal, as constraints relating to bank regulation, capital requirements, restriction of mandates and reduction of Level 3 assets continue.

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