Why can certain securities not be traded using e-banking? 

If you have found a product via e-banking, but are unable to trade it, this could be because:

  1. The product has not yet been coded for trading in e-banking: With stocks that are not traded very often, they may be found in UBS Quotes, but have not yet been set up for trading in e-banking (“Instrument not found”). In this case, we will be happy to open the security for trading in e-banking.
  2. Additional documents need to be signed when trading certain securities (e.g. US).
  3. The exchange on which the product is traded is not covered by UBS Investment Bank (e.g. India, South Korea, Morocco and the Mutual Market Access in Shanghai and Hong Kong).
  4. The product is not accessible within the scope of your selected offer (e.g. retrocession-free investment fund).

Please contact your client advisor or the customer service team to discuss possible solutions. You can find the telephone number in the right-hand column.