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Mind Over Money


Mark Twain once said “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme." Every financial boom and bust at its core is a story of greed and fear – which are the two greatest destroyers of wealth. The antidote to greed and fear is not market timing, market expertise, or a belief in one’s ability to predict the future. Rather, it is human behavior and the process for managing it that ultimately leads to financial success. Behavior is what separates the millionaire next door mechanic vs. the bankrupt Wall Street high flyer. It is the difference between focusing on the short term vs. long term, being reactive vs. proactive, having a plan vs. no plan at all. Because this topic is so important, we’ve invited Justin Waring, Investment Strategist with the UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office, on the show. We talk about booms and busts, how to avoid making the wrong decisions at the wrong time, and how behavioral finance can impact us all.

Greentech, 5G, Fintech, and Healthtech


Technology is changing and advancing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with all the breakthroughs and progress points as they emerge. It’s even more difficult to determine the material impact that new technology has on areas that matter to our clients and how to evaluate technological changes from an investor’s perspective. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Michelle Laliberte from UBS’s Chief Investment Office to discuss recent advances in greentech, 5G, fintech, and healthtech to share the CIO’s perspective on this topic. We hope you enjoy the show!

Before, During, and After an Exit from a Family Business


We work with a number of owners of Middle Market Family Businesses before, during, and after an exit from their company. Our guest on this episode is Clint Bundy, Managing Director of the Bundy Group - an investment banking firm that has successfully advised clients in over 200 transactions over the past 50 years. Clint gives us an update on the M&A landscape and how clients can better navigate a potential exit from their business, both from a financial and personal perspective. We welcome your questions and feedback and hope you enjoy the show!



If you’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance in the last few years and have had a hard time separating the facts from the noise, you’re not alone. The breakthroughs in the blockchain space have many investors wondering what opportunities and risks exist in the future. We’re excited to welcome Mike Gourd from the Chief Investment Office to the show to speak on this new frontier and its implications in the world of finance and beyond. We hope you enjoy the show!

Own Your Worth


On this episode of The Lighthouse, we interviewed Carey Shuffman, Head of UBS Women’s Strategic Client Segment, who is going to share with us some insights regarding a topic that is very important to our practice: how we can empower women to take a more active role with respects to their finances. Studies show that 8 out of 10 women will end up making financial decisions alone at some point in their life and many feel unprepared to do so. Women defer finances to their spouses for a number of reasons, and Carey and her team is focused on how to improve that trend. Carey does an excellent job of laying out the findings of her team's research with an uplifting message that inspires clients to take action.

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