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Our clients are successful, busy, and often inundated with financial noise. The Lighthouse is a podcast series dedicated to providing beneficial advanced financial planning and wellness insights to the clients and families we serve. Our goal for this show is to simplify the world of wealth management so that you can think more creatively and confidently about the future.

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If you’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance in the last few years and have had a hard time separating the facts from the noise, you’re not alone. The breakthroughs in the blockchain space have many investors wondering what opportunities and risks exist in the future. We’re excited to welcome Mike Gourd from the Chief Investment Office to the show to speak on this new frontier and its implications in the world of finance and beyond. We hope you enjoy the show!



Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” To discuss the importance of planning around charitable giving, we’ve invited Liam McCormick to join us on the Lighthouse Podcast. Liam is a Senior Strategist with the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services Group at UBS. Liam is an expert at helping clients define charitable ambitions, communicating those goals amongst family members, and developing the appropriate strategies to bring these plans to life. We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy the show!

WorldClinic Virtual Health Care with Dr. Dan Carlin


25 years ago, Dr. Dan Carlin had an epiphany while he was helping a client operate on their arm. He wasn’t working with the patient in an operating room, rather via phone while the client was half way around the world on a sail boat. Dr. Carlin realized that patients may be in need of medical assistance at any given time no matter where they were in the world and that providing a virtual health care experience would be of the upmost importance in the future. Dr. Carlin founded WorldClinic for busy traveling executives and families so that they could have a first-class, on-demand, comprehensive medical care anywhere in the world. Health is just as important as wealth for many of our clients, so that’s why we invited Dr. Carlin on the show.

There’s No Place Like Home – An Update on the Real Estate Market in the US


Real Estate might be one of the most common conversational talking points that comes up for you on a weekly basis. Home values have soared, interest rates are rising, lack of supply has made it hard to find anything, and bottlenecks experienced during construction and renovations all seem to be top of mind for clients. Our next guest is Jon Woloshin, Real Estate and Lodging Analyst Americas at UBS, who is an expert on all things real estate. He not only talks about macro trends effecting the real estate market across the United States, but also addresses the issues impacting local markets across the country. We ask him some of the most common asked questions and observations clients have mentioned to us. We welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy the show!

Why bother investing beyond the US?


The US stock market has demonstrated impressive outperformance versus the global stock market in recent years. Following this winning streak, many investors are frustrated by international stocks’ performance and are tempted to overweight the US market. Justin Waring, Investment Strategist Americas at UBS, joins Jack on the show to talk about international markets and the importance they play within a diversified portfolio. We hope you enjoy the show!

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