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Our clients are successful, busy, and often inundated with financial noise. The Lighthouse is a podcast series dedicated to providing beneficial advanced financial planning and wellness insights to the clients and families we serve. Our goal for this show is to simplify the world of wealth management so that you can think more creatively and confidently about the future.

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Why bother investing beyond the US?


The US stock market has demonstrated impressive outperformance versus the global stock market in recent years. Following this winning streak, many investors are frustrated by international stocks’ performance and are tempted to overweight the US market. Justin Waring, Investment Strategist Americas at UBS, joins Jack on the show to talk about international markets and the importance they play within a diversified portfolio. We hope you enjoy the show!

WorldClinic Virtual Health Care with Dr. Dan Carlin


25 years ago, Dr. Dan Carlin had an epiphany while he was helping a client operate on their arm. He wasn’t working with the patient in an operating room, rather via phone while the client was half way around the world on a sail boat. Dr. Carlin realized that patients may be in need of medical assistance at any given time no matter where they were in the world and that providing a virtual health care experience would be of the upmost importance in the future. Dr. Carlin founded WorldClinic for busy traveling executives and families so that they could have a first-class, on-demand, comprehensive medical care anywhere in the world. Health is just as important as wealth for many of our clients, so that’s why we invited Dr. Carlin on the show.

Greentech, 5G, Fintech, and Healthtech


Technology is changing and advancing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with all the breakthroughs and progress points as they emerge. It’s even more difficult to determine the material impact that new technology has on areas that matter to our clients and how to evaluate technological changes from an investor’s perspective. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Michelle Laliberte from UBS’s Chief Investment Office to discuss recent advances in greentech, 5G, fintech, and healthtech to share the CIO’s perspective on this topic. We hope you enjoy the show!

An Overview of the Federal Debt, Deficit, and Inflation


Few topics in the world of finance are more heavily debated in media than the impacts of the National Debt, Deficit, and Inflation. While these topics are extremely important, we have found that there is often a lot of misleading information that clients are inundated with that creates confusion and uncertainty. Since these areas are often some of the most frequently asked questions by clients, we've invited Brian Rose, Senior Economist Americas at UBS, to give us a high-level overview of these dynamics and how clients may be impacted by them. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Before, During, and After an Exit from a Family Business


We work with a number of owners of Middle Market Family Businesses before, during, and after an exit from their company. Our guest on this episode is Clint Bundy, Managing Director of the Bundy Group - an investment banking firm that has successfully advised clients in over 200 transactions over the past 50 years. Clint gives us an update on the M&A landscape and how clients can better navigate a potential exit from their business, both from a financial and personal perspective. We welcome your questions and feedback and hope you enjoy the show!

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