Among the many factors that influence an advisor's decision to make a move, earnings potential, better technology and strong firm culture top the list. For many advisors, the quest for better technology can tip the scales. Advisors want to know how well a firm is adapting to the current environment when it comes to advisor technology, and which tech and integration upgrades were implemented in response to the pandemic.

Research shows that during the pandemic, two-thirds of advisors found digitally innovative firms more attractive, with one-half thinking that working remotely seemed more feasible at wirehouses because of their wealth-tech capabilities.

UBS lives up to heightened advisor expectations for intuitive, insightful digital experiences that fit effortlessly within their lives. By investing in infrastructure and delivering new technology products and servicing capabilities, UBS stands at the forefront of wealth-tech innovation. 

Leading with wealth-tech innovation

As a firm focused on financial advisors and clients, wealth management-specific technology is critical to success. In recent years, UBS has made important changes across its global technology landscape in recognition that working both from home and from the office has now become the norm. This includes UBS’s all-new advisor workstations, revamped to improve advisor productivity and provide a more intuitive, modern technology experience. 

With our emphasis on technology and virtual collaboration, UBS can pivot as needed to support advisors and clients. Because UBS was already operating in a virtual desktop environment long before the pandemic’s start, we were able to set up every advisor and team associate for remote work within two weeks of the pandemic shutdown. Not only was the UBS global support model already in place, but we implemented new ways and better digital tools to help advisors work remotely in response to the pandemic.

With a global wealth-tech infrastructure, UBS data centers are located worldwide, and international teams ensure stability and operational efficiency for better client engagement. By putting clients first, UBS was honored to have been awarded #1 in overall client satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Full-Service Investor Satisfaction study.1

Bringing technology to life with integrated solutions

At UBS, we believe in the power of technology to help advisors be more efficient and productive in the growth of their business. We offer leading-edge integrated technology platforms and solutions to enhance the client experience. Here are five innovative technology capabilities that make a difference for UBS Advisors.

Number 1

A focus on mobility

UBS visualized a hybrid approach to the work environment long before the pandemic made it necessary to do so. UBS employees can work from any desk, anywhere and at any time, with full access to the firm’s technology platforms and applications.

At the start of the pandemic, some financial services firms lacked the technological capabilities needed for all employees to work remotely concurrently. Since UBS’s infrastructure had been virtualized globally for years, the firm was well-positioned to support remote access 24/7 until all employees were able to log in from their homes or other remote locations.  

Number 2

More ways to connect with clients

During the pandemic, the nature of client relationships changed and digital interactions increased. Today, UBS Advisors can access state-of-the-art tools to spend more time with their clients and better evaluate the full scope of their financial lives. 

UBS’s global virtualization allows the firm to be location-agnostic while interacting with clients through telephony, which is available on all mobile devices. UBS strategic video conferencing continues to evolve with the introduction of Zoom and Microsoft Teams for client meetings. With the deployment of Microsoft 365, UBS introduced the ability for advisors and their teams to collaborate using cloud-based offerings seamlessly. 

With a focus on advisor productivity and security, tools such as voice-to-text and biometric technologies that allow immediate access to basic functionalities like e-mail and video conferencing are now available. UBS Microsoft Surface devices aggregate the use of cloud, biometric and mobile technologies to enable client interaction in a secure and agile way. Finally, as evidenced by UBS’s continued investment in cyberinfrastructure and cyber threat prevention, client data security is paramount.

I had concerns about how long it might take to be up and running with my technology,” says a 2022 J.P. Morgan recruit. “On the contrary, UBS provided the perfect combination of local and centralized support that allowed me access to all the systems I needed on the first day. Now that I’m more settled and ready to add additional functions, like Skype and Movius, the UBS Tech Team has remained available to help me gain access.
Number 3

End-to-end digital client onboarding

UBS’s new digital solutions simplify the onboarding process, too, making for a better client experience. UBS offers digital onboarding at every stage, starting with seamless client identity verification. And UBS’s partnership with DocuSign enables clients to digitally complete forms requiring signatures. 

Number 4

Technology support when needed

With more than 300 retail branch offices across the country, we know how vital “on-the-ground” support can be. The UBS Tech Team supports advisors in traditional branch offices or increasingly through evolving remote and digital offerings. These resources include branch technology liaisons, help desks with 24/7 availability, and the prioritization of advisor calls at UBS call centers.

Number 5

Advisor technology training for diverse learning styles

At UBS, we offer multiple ways to help advisors learn about the firm’s technology tools and solutions in a way that reflects unique learning styles. Various educational resources support the learning process, including technology videos, how-to articles, tips on new device setup and guidance on maintaining the health of your home technology network.

When transitioning to UBS: technology is the priority

UBS offers a white-glove concierge service designed to provide you with tailored service, support and guidance vital to moving your business—and technology is a critical part of the equation. The UBS four-stage transition process is a collaboration between local field leadership and our transition teams to ensure that your move to UBS is as seamless as possible. 

UBS Advisors are set up from day one with mobile access so they can connect with clients. The UBS Tech Team ensures that most of the functionality required for an advisor to be productive is provided on day one, with any specialized requirements made available on day two. 

The UBS Tech Team works closely with you on all your onboarding tech needs, from phone setups and entitlements to helping you install apps on mobile phones and iPads, and anything in between. Learn more about UBS advisor transition services.

Harness the UBS wealth-tech advantage

As you contemplate your next career move, you can rest assured that UBS understands the importance of better technology capabilities to serve your clients’ ever-evolving needs. We are committed to making technology a differentiator. Simply put, we want to provide you with more digital experiences that are intuitive and insightful so you can make your clients’ financial lives easier.

To learn more about how our wealth-tech innovation can support your business growth or to apply for a Financial Advisor role, submit your contact information to be connected with a Field Leader.

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