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Learn how UBS helps you deliver superior client value at scale

by Barry Hurewitz, Head of Smart Technologies and Advanced Analytics, UBS Wealth Management and Rachel Osborne, Smart Technologies and Advanced Analytics Marketing Lead, UBS Wealth Management

As you pursue your next opportunity and consider your vision for the future, growing your practice is what will help drive your success. Yet, how can you determine a firm’s commitment to helping you scale effectively?

At UBS, growth is one of the three key stages in our advisor journey: Join. Grow. Transition. With data and smart technology on your side, we help you deliver exceptional client experiences, known to be a path to sustainably growing your business. Learn how the capabilities and business expansion tools from our Smart Technologies and Advanced Analytics Team (STAAT) can set you apart from the competition.

Improved client experience is essential to growth

Did you know that 89 percent of companies with “significantly above average” customer experience ratings report improved financial performance versus their competitors?1 Not only can positive service experiences significantly increase the likelihood that customers transact more, but also 78 percent of customers say they will forgive a business for a mistake after receiving excellent service.2

Turning data into better business decisions

We believe in the power of data to unlock actionable insights and recommendations. Our STAAT mission is to build an integrated ecosystem that puts the best information together so that you can deliver richer client experiences at scale. Simply put, we want to enable advisors to serve all their clients like they serve their best: treating each client exceptionally well.

While building databases and connecting datasets are critical to achieving our mission, advisors really want to know how data will help them grow. STAAT connects and reveals the most salient insights about clients to help you make better daily decisions and deliver a broader set of firm capabilities. We believe this enhanced experience translates into greater client satisfaction and trust, which most often leads to increased assets and revenue.

An analytics platform built by advisors, for advisors

All too often, companies fail to build solutions with their end-user fully in mind. We’re different. We listen deeply and often to what is on our Advisors’ minds and build solutions based on what is important to them. What challenges are you and your clients facing? What do you try to get done in a day but don’t always find the time you need? Here are three ways our analytics platform supports advisors’ needs and helps grow their businesses.

Building deeper relationships

Would you like to know your clients better and truly understand what matters at different times in their lives? How can you stay on top of client and account details not just for your top-tier clients but for all your clients? Data and analytics can help make you aware of things you and your client may not have even thought of yet. Technology enables you to connect to the right client in the right place and at the right time. We believe this approach builds client trust.

Leveraging internal knowledge experts when needed

Would you like to tap experienced specialists across UBS for support when needed? With smart technology, this is possible. For instance, you may have a client with a particular situation who could benefit from an Employee Stock Purchase Plan Trust. Our intelligence can help you quickly identify the internal UBS experts who can help you through the process.

Supporting prospecting with intelligence

Would you like to understand the circumstances of a prospect better before your first meeting? Data and advanced analytics allow you to do that, so you are better prepared to ask the right questions and identify common interests. From a prospect’s hobby to their college or a nonprofit board connection, this intelligence offers more opportunities to engage and build relationships.

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Joining UBS has given me access to an environment of digital communication and convenience that is second to none. I’m able to deliver customized content to clients across all of their devices, so it’s easier for them to interact with us. UBS is constantly developing smart tools, content and insights with advisor input, so the results are incredibly effective in building our team brand and generating overall growth.
2021 Recruit

The case for advanced data and analytics

Whatever your need, data and smart technology can help you get to a solution. Here are some real-world examples:

Pinpointing new lending opportunities to suit client needs

In periodic conversations with clients, it can be challenging to determine the full scope of their lending needs. With relevant and predictive data, a UBS Advisor team identified clients with a higher propensity for an interest in lines of credit. These conversations led the team to new opportunities in the securities-backed lending space and the ability to expand their relationships with top-tier clients.

Sharing personalized content makes the difference

With so much intellectual content to consume, clients can quickly become overwhelmed. But when you can deliver relevant and relatable content, you deepen relationships. For example, after meeting with a client who owned an HVAC business and was exploring legacy needs for his family, a top-tier team sourced an article that matched the business situation, providing them with relevant information.

Attracting and expanding client relationships with enriched data

A UBS Advisor team learned about a prospect’s connections through intelligence from external data sources. Internal data also revealed the last time the team connected with this prospect, even locating the prior e-mail correspondence from some time ago. Thanks in part to this knowledge and multiple points of connection, his prospective client is deciding to transfer a substantial portion of his assets to the UBS Advisor.

Our commitment to the growth of your business

When contemplating a move to another firm, we understand your concerns about future growth. At UBS, we’re committed to helping advisors grow their businesses through our investment in advanced analytics and smart technology. Join us to start turning data into better decisions.

UBS Smart Technologies and Advanced Analytics Team: Heritage. Success. Value.

Prior to the launch of STAAT for UBS Wealth Management in 2021, we were a part of the UBS Evidence Lab, an award-winning team ranked #1 for “Best at leveraging alternative data to add value” by Greenwich Associates.3

When UBS Wealth Management decided to dedicate data and smart technology resources to our Financial Advisors, the concept of meeting this opportunity with the best people and capabilities from Evidence Lab was quite appealing. As a team of alternative data experts, we knew how to get the job done at Evidence Lab and we committed to bring the same energy to our Financial Advisors.

Since the start of our STAAT pilot program earlier this year, hundreds of UBS Advisor teams are active on the platform and access personalized intelligence powered by our data and analytics. Our Advisors recognize the value that rich information and intelligence can bring to their practice, helping them better understand each client situation and provide amazing experiences.

To learn more about how the UBS STAAT team can help you grow your practice or to apply for a Financial Advisor role, submit your contact information to be connected with a Field Leader.

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