Pure-play thematic equities

Exposure to megatrends shaping the future

Our expertise

Our investment teams collaborate with experts from industry and academia to identify powerful long-term structural trends likely to shape our lives for years to come. By cutting across traditional investment classifications, we aim to select attractively valued pure-play companies poised to take advantage of secular growth embedded in these trends. 

What sets us apart

Pure-play approach

We invest in companies with at least 50% in revenues attributable to a given investment theme. These companies tend to have competitive advantages that are difficult to mimic. We look for businesses with strong fundamentals, solid balance sheets and business models, pricing power, and the ability to innovate.

Structured and disciplined investment process

Active management based on in-depth interaction with companies, experts, and opinion leaders combined with fundamental bottom-up research forms the basis of our disciplined investment approach. By focusing on the long term, we are largely able to ignore tracking error and short-term volatility. Instead, we explore sources of idiosyncratic risk1 and value that often take many years to come to fruition.

Exposure to small- and mid-caps

We invest in innovators and disruptors that are best positioned for the future. As a result, our portfolio is skewed toward small- and medium-sized companies with high growth rates. Our conviction-based stock selection typically leads to limited overlap with standard indices and a high active share.

Our strategies

Choose from a range of pure-play solutions oriented toward the robust and forward-looking themes that will define the coming decades in investing and beyond.


The strategy focuses on pure-play companies that provide security and safety solutions, operating at the forefront of an attractive secular growth trend along the subthemes of IT security, crime prevention, transportation security, health protection, and environmental security.


The strategy offers investors diversified exposure to pure-play companies providing automation solutions in the following subthemes: semiconductor tools, design and engineering software, IT automation software, discrete and process automation, health and lab automation, logistics automation, components, and subsystems.

Digital health

Our digital health strategy invests in pure-play companies that develop innovative technology applications capable of fundamentally changing the healthcare system by lowering healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. The companies operate in the subthemes of research and development, efficiency, and treatments.


We invest along the value chain of the global infrastructure opportunity set found within the subthemes of climate change, mobility, and smart cities. The investment universe encompasses companies that provide facilities and services necessary to maintain and develop modern infrastructure and includes companies supplying infrastructure-related products and services.

Energy evolution

We invest in pure-play companies that offer products and services that enable, support, and promote the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy. The companies operate across the entire energy value chain and in our view are well positioned to benefit from long-term growth drivers such as scarcity in future-facing resources, decarbonization through electrification of energy consumption, and decentralization of energy systems.

Environmental impact

The strategy focuses on pure-play companies that offer innovations helping to address the most pressing environmental and climate issues. The companies operate within the areas of sustainable infrastructure, resources, waste mitigation, and carbon reduction technologies.

Thematic opportunities

The strategy offers diversified exposure to all of our high-conviction themes in a single investment vehicle by investing worldwide in companies offering disruptive products and services poised to shape the future.

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