Emerging markets equities | Still in a long term upcycle

After a number of headwinds in 2018 including a stronger US dollar, higher US funding rates and growing US/China trade tensions, we believe there are now large opportunities across sectors.

20 nov 2018
  • Given the strong domestic economic backdrop in emerging markets countries, equity markets were well placed to withstand the rise in US bond yields until early 2018. 
  • However the strength of the US economy, growing US/China trade tensions and the softening of growth prospects outside the US created a number of headwinds to emerging market equity performance. 
  • We believe the real long-term impact of these headwinds remain fairly limited in the context of longer-term structural themes. After the sell-off we believe large opportunities exist in a number of sectors.

This article is part of Panorama: Investing in 2019, UBS Asset Management's outlook for the year ahead.

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