China equities | An improved outlook

Despite a challenging 2018, recent policy developments could be a turning point for China’s stock markets and we believe the current environment presents investors with opportunities.

20 nov 2018
  • We have taken a cautious stance to the market this year mainly due to the government's tough approach to broader regulation and to debt deleveraging as well as because of the US/China trade dispute.
  • However, recent policy statements suggest there has been significant change in the Chinese government's attitude making a compromise on US/China trade issues more possible in the future.
  • We believe that new policy support will positively impact investor sentiment going into 2019.
  • As such, we are more positive on the outlook for Chinese equities. We expect to put more cash to work because we believe that current valuation levels in China's equity markets are attractive.

This article is part of Panorama: Investing in 2019, UBS Asset Management's outlook for the year ahead.

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