As part of the UBS Nobel Perspectives program, our webinar series allows you to ask your questions directly to Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences.

UBS Nobel Perspectives addresses the questions shaping our world, cutting through the noise, and holding the largest content library of Nobel Laureate interviews.

Professor Oliver Hart is a 2016 co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and currently Professor at Harvard University. Known for his work as a contract theorist, as well as a true specialist on the pitfalls of contract design, he has devoted his latest research to the world of corporate sustainable contributions. He joined Michael Baldinger Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at UBS Asset Management, in a webinar to discuss the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for investors.

Key webinar takeaways

  • Many shareholders are willing to accept lower profits if the company’s investment approach or strategy is aligned to their own values
  • Corporations need to consult their shareholders more on the adoption of ESG factors versus profit trade off
  • The pandemic has highlighted the importance of human capital, alongside physical capital
  • Social injustice issues remain with highly skilled workers having greater bargaining power for working conditions than unskilled workers
  • COVID-19 has produced learnings for governance best practice
  • Governments have efficient tools at their disposal to address climate change including subsidies for green energy, investment in research and development  or a carbon tax

Michael Baldinger, Head of Sustainability and Impact Investing

For this special webinar, we focus on the relevance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors when thinking about the situation we currently find ourselves in. Is sustainable investing (SI) at a pivotal point? We discuss the challenges and their demands  for massive public and private sector capital solutions if climate change is going to be addressed in the current environment.

The world in the grasp of COVID-19

Unlocking the world's population

The unveiling of the next new normal

Audience Q&A

Want to know more about Sustainability at UBS?

At UBS we pride ourselves on being a sustainable investing center of excellence. The 17 United Nations Global Goals are the way to a sustainable future. We've joined forces with BOTTLETOP, a sustainable accessories brand who created #TOGETHERBAND to raise awareness and funds for the goals.

17 goals, 17 bands. You get two bands – one to wear, one to share. And all the profits go to projects working towards the goals. centers around the conviction that none of the goals, including SDG #13, Climate Action, can be achieved without collective, multi-sector action.

To read more about how we align Stewardship to long-term investing click here.

To follow Michael Baldinger’s latest views and insights on LinkedIn click here.

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