How do parachutes stay in the air? And what makes a windmill turn? Our everyday lives are full of fascinating mysteries. Being naturally curious, kids want to solve them – but to do this, they need opportunities to tinker. This is where the Topsy inventor’s box comes in, which we developed together with Re-Cycle-Me™.

The box contains materials and instructions on how to conduct five fascinating experiments. All you need are some items you usually throw away, like packaging and plastic bottles. These experiments are a fun way of teaching curious kids about the laws of nature and how to re-use something old.

Five experiments with the Aha! effect

Magic spinning pictures

Spin the stick to blend both pictures and watch Topsy jump rope with this amazing optical illusion.

Race car bottle

On your marks, get set, go! The air in the balloon escapes through the straw, creating a recoil that pushes the bottle forward.

Fly, parachute!

The secret? The plastic bag fills with air as it falls, slowing the parachute’s descent and allowing Topsy to land softly.

Captain Topsy’s bottle raft

How come the boat doesn't sink? The air in the plastic bottles keeps the raft afloat and makes it bob in water.

Powering a windmill

All it takes is a little breeze to get the large blades moving. Not a windy day? Just blow on it instead – it really works!