How do you make children enthusiastic about the world of science? By letting them tinker and experiment on their own! If children are allowed to try things out for themselves, that’s when the fun factor – and the learning effect – are the greatest.

That’s why Topsy, the clever little fox, is looking for hard-working helpers eager to help him with his exciting experiments. The experiments help answer many of the major questions that children ask themselves. For example, why the sky is blue or why a plane can fly.

New experiments will be published regularly until fall. So visit us again and subscribe to the Topsy Newsletter so you don’t miss any experiments.

Our article for parents explains the best ways to help your child tinker around and experiment with things.

We wish you and your children lots of fun trying out the experiments!

Topsy’s Experiments

The SimplyScience Foundation supports UBS in providing the experiments. The foundation aims to promote understanding of scientific and technical issues among children and young people and to inform them about possible training and career opportunities. also offers suggestions for parents and teaching materials for teachers.