Sustainable and Impact Investing with UBS Asset Management

Redefining the way you think about sustainable investing

Investing with a new set of eyes

Modern sustainable investing is all about that providing our clients with new important new tools to help build stronger portfolios and generate better, more sustainable, returns.

Why is this so?

Sustainable investing is about broadening the use of material, non-financial data in the investment analysis process to include ESG – or environmental, social and governance – metrics. By adding these metrics to the investment process, investors can get a broader view of the potential upside and downside of their investments. With that, they can make better informed investment decisions.

Seeing more clearly

Sustainable investing provides a new kind of transparency into our investments – achieved through a new set of metrics that give investors material, often quantitative, data into how well a business is run, where its real risks lie, and how sustainable its business model and practices really are. If fully embedded in the investment decision-making process.

No compromise

At UBS, we believe that sustainable investing adds value to portfolios within the same risk-return profile. That is why UBS Asset Management has made a strategic decision to bring sustainable investing into the mainstream of our offering to all of our clients.

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