Negotiating peace

Jonathan Powell, Founder of Inter Mediate

It's hard to explain talking to a terrorist group. But if you don't talk, you find it hard to stop them fighting.

  • Inter Mediate is a registered charity for negotiation and mediation. It aims to resolve the most difficult and dangerous conflicts where other organisations cannot operate.
  • It was established by Jonathan Powell after his experience as the UK government's chief negotiator on Northern Ireland from 1997 – 2007.
  • He realised that to make any progress, he would "have to talk to the guys with guns… on their own terms". After 10 years of meetings in safe houses, peace was achieved.
  • This inspired him as the most important achievement of his life, and he has since dedicated himself to ending similar armed conflicts.
  • Inter Mediate say that public negotiation with armed groups is often not an option for political and security reasons – instead a confidential process is needed.

Inter Mediate works towards this UN Sustainable Development Goal:

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