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COVID-19 Recovery Fund 2021

One year in, we are still fighting for a return to normalcy. Learn more about what we're doing to help children, and opportunities for you to be involved.

Learn more about our work with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our efforts in 2021 are building on the success of the 2020 COVID-19 Response Fund

UBS Optimus Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund

Building on our experience in responding to the 2014 Ebola outbreak, the UBS Optimus Foundation is working with strategic healthcare partners to implement a strategy that – with support from UBS clients – could save the lives of millions of children:

  • Prevent the spread of the virus: educating communities regarding signs, symptoms, transmission, and preventative measures like hand hygiene and social distancing – including supporting livelihoods to make social distancing possible. 
  • Detect cases as they emerge: supporting frontline health organizations to identify symptoms, and also help facilitate testing.
  • Respond as the situation unfolds: increasing capacity for emergency treatment among health organizations and making sure primary health services remain functional.

Why giving to the UBS Optimus Foundation COVID-19 Response Funds is the best way for you to save lives

We're here to help you maximize your impact locally, nationally and globally.

  • UBS Optimus Foundation will match 10% of your donation.
  • We have expertise in responding to an outbreak gained from success in the 2014 Ebola crisis.
  • All programs are carefully vetted by our team of experts, making sure your gift has the greatest possible impact. 
  • Well-established partnerships with health organizations both global and local means we can offer support where and when it’s needed to provide a well-rounded response.
  • The flexible nature of the Fund allows us to respond quickly as the situation changes, so we can get on top of localized outbreaks as they occur.
  • Regular, relevant feedback allows you to see how your money is being used and to witness the impact you’re having.
Phyllis Costanza, Head UBS in Society and CEO UBS Optimus Foundation

There has never been a better time to give

"With a gift to the UBS Optimus Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund, you could help save 20 million lives in low and middle-income countries."

A word from Phyllis Costanza, Head UBS in Society and CEO
UBS Optimus Foundation

A well-rounded response

You’ll support the best global and local organizations.

Our global emergency response partners have extensive emergency experience. They include:


Building on their extensive experience, you can support them to build capacity for infection prevention and control, protect health care workers, and strengthen supply chains for lifesaving supplies.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

Using their expertise in frontline emergency medicine, you can help them procure and ship medicines and essential supplies such as protective masks and allow them to send their expert doctors and nurses to support overwhelmed health centers.

Our local, frontline health organizations have valuable community relationships and in-depth experience of the regions in which they work. They include:

Beijing United Charity Foundation

Has ongoing programs in Wuhan, including collaborations with the Wuhan Union Hospital and the Maternal and Child Hospital in Hubei province as well as a strong relationship with the Wuhan government. Their connections will help facilitate the timely distribution of needed medical supplies, reducing the exposure of medical personnel to infectious diseases and ultimately decreasing the risk of hospital infection as well as preventing disease transmission.

Hewa Tele

Hewa Tele ("Plentiful air in Swahili"), is a social enterprise, focused on saving lives through addressing the shortage of affordable, and accessible quality medical oxygen solutions at healthcare facilities in East Africa.

Integrate Health

Provides healthcare to people in Togo through their nine health centers, and through community health workers in public clinics.

Last Mile Health

Trains and supports a network of community health workers to reach even the most remote villages in rural Liberia.


Supports community health workers and rapid-access clinics to proactively provide care to vulnerable people across Mali.

Swiss Red Cross

Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross supports the population in Switzerland quickly and competently. Among other things, your donation helps to ensure a shopping service where volunteers shop for people who belong to the high risk group and have to remain home. It also ensures support in the hospital, where volunteers support the staff by carrying out corona tests (in accordance with the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH/BAG guidelines) and thus relieving the burden on the nursing staff.

Other ways you can get involved to help fight COVID-19

The 17 United Nations Global Goals are the way to a sustainable future. We've joined forces with BOTTLETOP, a sustainable accessories brand who created #TOGETHERBAND to raise awareness and funds for the goals.

If you buy a TOGETHERBAND now 50% of funds raised will go help the fight against COVID-19. The remaining funds will be divided between #TOGETHERBAND beneficiaries who continue to work diligently to achieve the Global Goals.