What are the challenges of climate change?

Global warming has increased tremendously with the increased use of fossil fuels, deforestation and livestock farming. The consequences are a significant burden on our environment and our natural livelihoods. If we're all prepared to take action, we can protect the climate together.

Why are we getting involved?

We're taking responsibility for future generations and want to be part of the solution. We see that the needs of our clients have also changed – so we're supporting investors and companies who want to contribute to a more climate-friendly economy.

How we're involved1

As a financial institution we know we’re stronger together.

USD 108 billion

of client assets invested in climate-related sustainable investments (e.g., for the Swiss Energy transition).

USD 3+ billion

invested in our „Climate Aware“ strategy, a pioneering approach to integrate the 2°C climate change scenario into an investment solution.


high-profile issuances of green and
sustainable bonds (e.g., first green bond for a Swiss-listed energy and infrastructure company).


strategic transactions executed for Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050.

As a company we’re taking responsibility.


pages of transparency. Our annual sustainability report is industry-leading, comprehensive and follows internationally recognized disclosure standards.


drop in financing of companies in carbon-intensive sectors since 2018 (our exposure to carbon-related assets on our banking balance sheet is low, at 0.8%).


financing of new coal-fired power plant projects, new offshore oil projects in the Arctic, greenfield thermal coal mines or greenfield oil sands projects.


oil, gas and utilities companies at the heart of our Climate Aware engagement program (results: e.g., links between management compensation and CO2 reduction targets).


Total reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (vs. 2004). We’re well on track to meet our reduction target of 75% in 2020


electricity from renewable sources in Switzerland since 2007 (worldwide from mid-2020 onwards).


reduction of business air travel since our all-time high in 2007. All CO2 emissions from business air travel globally are offset via Gold Standard projects.


UBS supports four education and climate protection programs for children and young people in Switzerland - financially and with volunteers.

Thinking ahead

We're changing the way we do things today to create a better tomorrow – we're supporting the shift to a climate-smart world. Our climate strategy underlines our commitment to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals on affordable and clean energy and on climate action.

UBS World Economic Forum 2020 white paper

Becoming climate aware: an investor's perspective