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See philanthropy in action: we help you find your purpose and maximize your impact by organizing regular events, both globally and regionally, where you will have access to:

Interactive sessions

Workshops, breakout sessions, deep-dives, delegate-led sessions, 1:1 meetings

Hands-on experiences

Experiential sessions, social entrepreneur venture labs, exhibitions, impact tours

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Keynotes, panel discussions, firesidechats, interviews

Network opportunities

Informal gatherings such as dinners and lunches, structured networking sessions, collaborative activities

Our events are by invitation only. If you would like to explore joining us, please speak to your client advisor.

Travel with us

Are you interested in seeing impactful philanthropy? Come travel with us to meet our UBS Optimus Foundation partners and their communities.

UBS Philanthropy Insights Trips are a good chance to see the great work that is being done through some of the most impactful programs around the world. Each program is supported by the UBS Optimus Foundation and has been identified as high potential – they’re all seeking to increase their reach and impact through funding from our clients and UBS. During our trips, over the course of 5 days you will:

  • Meet local communities and see the challenges our partners and their communities face, and see the progress made thanks to our clients’ support.
  • Experience the daily realities of our partners on the ground and get a true understanding of the local contexts they are working in
  • Meet people who are passionate like you about solving world problems and share ideas and experiences with each other
These trips are a chance to see the great work that is being done on some of the most impactful programs around the world. You will see the challenges they face, the progress being made and the ambitious plans they have for the future.
Tom Hall, Head of UBS Social Impact and Philanthropy

What our clients say

UBS client and guest on Philanthropy Insights trip to Liberia, 2018

Thank you very much for including me on the trip to Liberia. The entire experience was inspiring, fun, informative, productive, and well organized. [You] did an amazing job with the trip logistics, pacing, and safety... [and were] especially impressive leading and moderating the session with former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the mere fact that she took time to join us is ample testament to the reputation you’ve all built for UBS Optimus. UBS client and guest on Philanthropy

UBS client and guest on Philanthropy Insights trip to Nepal, 2018

It was incredibly insightful as a quick tour of a country could possibly be. I enjoyed everyone’s company on the trip; guests and UBS team members. I think it was interesting to observe the different client perspectives. The projects were all amazing and really worthwhile to see, especially with background and in-depth discussion from founders and project directors.

UBS client and guest on Ghana trip 2023

This trip has restored my hope that there is a real investible pathway to solve problems at scale. I can see it now! Education felt so large and confusing before I came here. Seeing the hands-on work being done and the level of execution makes me very hopeful to reinvent the way we can see philanthropy. It’s encouraging to see everyone, including government come together to try and fix the system.

Hear how one family is pursuing their purpose together

A mother, cousin and son traveled to Africa on one of our trips to understand how their social impact investments could move the educational needle in Ghana. They unexpectedly learned something far more fundamental.

Who they are as a family

Join us and see the impact for yourself

See how people are doing good in the world and an opportunity to plan how you can invest in making the world a better place. Introduce the power of wealth and philanthropy to your family and friends. To find out more and book your trip, please contact your UBS client advisor.