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In this decade, SPAN will enable millions of homes to electrify by replacing the key bottleneck - the outdated electrical panel, and eliminate 40% of emissions originating from our everyday lifestyle choices.
  • To address climate change and decarbonization, the consumer energy landscape requires drastic change. The home is central - it’s where most electrification decisions meet. Whether it’s solar, batteries, electric vehicle charging or electric appliances, the home’s electrical panel requires massive modernization to reduce fossil fuel dependence. The SPAN Panel is the enabler that will eliminate 40% of emissions originating from our everyday lifestyle choices. The SPAN mission: Enabling electrification for all.
  • Span’s core product is a digitally controllable electrical panel that can eliminate the need for several additional pieces of equipment commonly needed in homes that are adding solar panels, batteries or EV chargers, such as automated transfer switches and isolation transformers. Individuals can monitor circuits via smartphone app giving homeowners much more insight into and control over how their homes are using energy,
  • SPAN is aiming to build one of the world’s greatest integrated technology companies and began shipping its first smart electrical panels in the summer of 2020 and now has installations in homes in 36 states in the United States and Puerto Rico. As a leading innovator in the ClimateTech industry, they are creating products and a brand that is at the forefront of electrification that consumers need and want. Earlier this year, Span closed a $90 million Series B fundraising round to fuel that business plan, bringing their total funding to $134 million,
  • Arch Rao is the founder & CEO of, a technology company reinventing the electrical panel to enable the rapid adoption of renewable energy. He is an engineer and entrepreneur with expertise in research, development and commercialization of energy technologies. Arch holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and has worked on doctoral research focused on energy systems.
  • Arch has over 10 years experience in leadership and founding roles in the energy industry. Before founding Span, Arch led the launch of several flagship products at Tesla including Powerwall, Powerpack, and Solar Roof as their head of products for the Energy group. Additionally, he built the global application engineering team responsible for the development of large-scale solar& storage projects. Previous to Tesla, Arch co-founded Verdigris Technologies, an energy monitoring and analytics platform, and was the founding engineer for Joby Energy where he developed airborne wind energy systems.

SPAN works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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