Dremio Event

Demo and discussion of Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service Platform with Kelly Stirman, the VP of Strategy at Dremio

by UBS 12 Nov 2018

On 16 October we hosted our inaugural Strategic Development Lab Speaker Series with Dremio at our 5 Broadgate Offices.

We were lucky to have Kelly Stirman, the VP of Strategy at Dremio and Ryan Murray from the Strategic Development Lab Data Science Team, gave a demonstration of Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service Platform and discussed how the platform can help make data engineering teams more productive and data consumers more self-sufficient. They also showed practical examples of how UBS has been piloting the platform and the challenges is has helped solve.

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About Dremio

Dremio was created by veterans of open source and big data technologies, and the creators of Apache Arrow. It's a user friendly, self-service platform that combines secure end-to-end capabilities in Data Cataloguing, Query Acceleration, Data Lineage, Data Virtualisation and Data Preparation that helps companies get more value from their data, faster.