How can I become a member?

Any firm, meeting the eligibility criteria of the UBS MTF Rulebook, can apply to access the UBS MTF trading platform. There is no membership fee to access UBS MTF. Firms need to satisfy the membership eligibility criteria as set out in the UBS MTF Rulebook and comply with continuing obligations detailed within the Rulebook.

What are the rules for participation?

Please see our Rulebook for further information.

How can I obtain a copy of the FIX Specifications for UBS MTF?

It is available under the Member Information section of this website. You can also contact us at ubs_mtf@ubs.com or call: +44-20-7568 2052 for a copy of the UBS MTF Rules of Engagement.

What does it cost to trade on UBS MTF?

Please see our Fee Schedule for further information.

Will anyone see my order or execution information?

The dark order book is a 100 percent non-displayed liquidity pool; there is no pre-trade signaling risk or display of any kind. In the Periodic Auction book, only the auction price and auction volume are published from the start of the auction. Executions completed in both Order Books are reported in real time to the Cboe Trade Reporting facility.

Where would my trade clear and settle?

UBS MTF participants must be a member (GCM, ICM or NCM using a GCM) of one of the Central Clearing Counterparties (CCP) selected by UBS MTF. UBS MTF currently offers clearing via SIX x-clear, EuroCCP and LCH.Clearnet. UBS MTF supports the choice of CCP at market level and the settlement cycle mirrors the settlement cycle of the primary market.

Which instruments can I trade in UBS MTF?

UBS MTF covers trading in equities from the following markets : Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We also offer trading in Depository Receipts and Exchange Traded Funds in these countries.

For a current list of instruments traded within UBS MTF, please see our Reference Data page.

What are your trading hours?

UBS MTF typically observes the market practice for open business days and trading hours. UBS MTF trading hours cover the continuous trading hours of the primary markets and where a primary local market is closed on a business day or will not trade a particular stock, the UBS MTF will be closed for that market or will not trade the instrument.

The UBS MTF Supervision and Support staff are available between 07.30 and 17.30 UK time.