Hidden in Plain Sight: Documentary Series

UBS Evidence Lab uses its proprietary techniques and extensive data on global mobility, ESG, pollution and shipping to help paint a picture of some of the most important topics of the day. These documentary-style videos present some of our most relevant insights.

Alternative datasets help consumers, investors, and corporate leaders navigate COVID-19

Quickly mobilizing at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at UBS Evidence Lab was able to harness their vast suite of techniques built over the last six years. Focusing on the key questions facing investors and a broader audience, the team tapped new data sources and increased the frequency and urgency with which it launched insights to help their audience stay on top of the changing landscape. UBS Evidence Lab was able to use their alternative data techniques to measure changes in production, consumption, and behavior to assess the impact on economic activity.

How analysis of big data in the shipping industry can identify consumer demand and behavioral trends.

Why tracking deurbanization trends with global mobility datasets will become invaluable for investors in a post-COVID-19 world.

Air and plastic pollution datasets become increasingly important for future investing.

How will you track 2021?

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“We often talk about things as being hidden in plain sight,” says Scott Solomon, Head of UBS Evidence Lab. “So much of what we're doing is data analysis and analytical processing, building systems and processes that can handle massive volumes of data. But there's also the intellectual side, the art side of it.”

“We have all of these capabilities at our disposal, so when COVID happens or a hurricane or the next thing that has everyone's attention happens, we're able to mobilize those tools and turn data around extremely quickly.”