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Sustainable investing 15 Sep 2022 7 min read

How have we been empowering the companies we invest in toward better governance practices, which we believe will produce long-term, sustainable growth?

UBS-AM insights from the 2022 AGM season shareholder voting

  • It is no longer enough to have a net zero commitment in place
  • An increase in socially-themed proposals was primarily driven by racial and civil rights audits
  • AGMs provided compelling evidence of the importance of stewardship
  • We elected not to support approximately 65% of all ‘say-on-pay’ proposals at US companies

Highlights from the UBS-AM 2021 Stewardship Report

  • Supported 100% of climate resolutions flagged by ClimateAction 100+
  • Supported 67% of ESG-related proposals
  • Details of companies when engagement led us to exclude companies from the investment universe
  • One of few with such a voting record amongst the largest CA100+ members

Focus areas for 2022

  • Firm commitment to existing 2021 policies with climate at the core
  • Update topics in Proxy voting policy:

Gender diversity

  •  We expect at least 30% female representation for companies with at least 10 board seats
  •  Where this is not the case, we will vote against the board director responsible

Ethnic diversity

  •  We will now require the Board to include at least one director from an ethnically diverse background
  • For 2022, this will apply to companies in the FTSE 100 Index and S&P500.

Engagement at a glance

  • 430 engagement meetings
  • +1150 meetings with Company management teams
  • 25% of engagements reflected a positive outcome or progress towards objective
  • In 37% of the cases, the dialogue with companies gave us specific insights in relation to AGM items and proxy voting

Our key priorities

  • Driving the sustainability transition through Planet, People, Partnership
  • Influencing as investors in equities, fixed income, alternatives, active and passive strategies

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