The value of the vote

How UBS Asset Management approaches its proxy voting activities

23 Apr 2020

Exercising voting rights has been a cornerstone of UBS Asset Management's (UBS-AM) stewardship approach for over 20 years and we vote in over 55 markets. While not all of our clients provide us with authority to vote on their behalf, it remains a strong and effective way to voice our opinion to companies across our global positions. Realistically we can't meet or engage with all companies we invest in for our clients, however we can ensure we vote as broadly as possible.

We don't approach voting as a stand-alone, tick-the-box activity. It is completely integral to our investment approach. Our voting activities are managed and co-ordinated by our specialist Stewardship team, who work with our investment teams to ensure that our votes are consistent with our principles, that they are applied across the range of strategies and products that we manage and take into account any engagement we've had with a company.

Our Head of Stewardship, Paul Clark, is responsible for implementing our proxy voting activities. We asked him to expand on UBS-AM's approach and comment on some key trends seen in the 2019 voting season.

It's widely accepted that climate change and the speed of global warming are two of the greatest systemic risks facing our planet today .

This interview first appeared in the March 2020 edition of Proxy Monthly


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