More people are sharing our planet

population expected to increase by nearly 3 billion people in next 40 years but growing at a slower pace

Population growth matters

Growth rates vary across regions

new projections indicate 9 countries to make up more than half projected growth from now to 2050

Growth rates vary across regions

Most populous countries with India expanding rapidly

India projected to overtake China around 2027

Most populous countries with India expanding rapidly

Aging society puts more pressure on resources

By 2060, the number of people aged 100 is expected to rise 10 times creating a complex set of challenges to overcome

Aging society puts more pressure on resources

Overpopulation = overconsumption = increasing demand for natural resources

There are already 2.2 billion people without access to safely managed drinking water services and this will be exacerbated by continued population growth.

Energy consumption predicted to almost double by 2040 as the population rises, increasing pressure on an already polluted world.

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