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Top 10 interview with Joe Sciortino on private credit

Private credit 23 Jun 2022 10 min read
Joseph Sciortino
Head Multi-Managers Private Credit

Our dedicated private credit team has been active in the complex world of structured credit for over 15 years developing a knowledge base and network unrivaled among allocators.

Joseph Sciortino, Head Multi-Managers Private Credit


  • Private credit can provide investors with a more robust yield profile and a more attractive risk/reward
  • Opportunities with the credit market ebbs and flows by sector, geography and profile
  • An open architecture platform can shift the focus towards taking advantage of what the market offers without being wedded to any particular strategy
  • Some investors may be seeking uncorrelated yields with a low volatility profile, while others may be looking for increased results with less concern for volatility and correlation
  • Regardless of the type of exposure, the objective of private credit is to provide a higher return at a comparable or lower level of risk relative to the public credit markets
  • Our business breaks down investment strategies across four portfolio areas that define the mix of yield, total return and duration: core income, short duration, opportunistic and hybrid

          Private lending is on the rise – in volume, interest, supply and demand. Whilst private credit and other forms of non-bank lending have existed for a number of decades, it is only since the global financial crisis that private credit has established itself as a mainstay part of the private markets universe.

          What are the key trends in this broad universe? How can investors navigate these trends to benefit from the robust yield profile and attractive risk/reward the asset class offers?

          In the following interview, Joseph Sciortino, Head of Multi-Managers Private Credit, explains what private credit is, our firm’s approach to it and the key factors to consider when choosing this asset class.

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