Considering climate change opportunities

UBS Active Climate Aware Equity

At the end of this century, our planet will be warmer than at any other time in human history. The impact this will have on our ecosystem, our lives and the economy will be dramatic. 

Our UBS Active Climate Aware Equity strategy aims to address the climate challenge and invests in companies that will benefit from the transition to a low-carbon economy.

By approaching climate change as a systemic issue, our solution is to construct a diversified portfolio across sectors and countries, with a low-carbon footprint.

Key benefits

Holistic approach selecting companies that are leaders in climate

Active management seeking outperformance with high active share

A highly qualified and experienced portfolio management team supported by SI Research team

Step-by-step: UBS Active Climate Aware Equity portfolio1 construction

We select attractively valued companies that are on the forefront of a low-carbon economy


Step-by-step UBS active climate aware equity portfolio construction beginning with around 3000 stocks in our investable universe, and narrowing down to around 30-60 stocks in our active climate aware portfolio

Combine UBS-AM's best climate models and insights  

  • Led by Bruno Bertocci, the Global Sustainable Equities team's multi-disciplinary background provides both the breadth and depth to create a distinctive and robust investment process to manage climate risks and seize climate opportunities. 
  • Our investment process leverages a unique combination of environmental data and climate models, along with  a company climate profile assessment enriched with engagement. We leverage the firm's global equity research platform and the SI research team.

Driving change through active engagement 

  • Engagement and proxy voting are essential tools in our investment process in order to understand and influence the actions and progress companies are making in adaptation, mitigation and transition toward a low-carbon future. 
  • In particular, we aim to actively engage with companies in the transition category, as it is critical to drive the business model transformation and commitments towards a climate-smart economy. 
  • This effort is supported by UBS Group climate change commitment and augmented by our stewardship actions across UBS-AM.

UBS – your partner in sustainable investing

  • Today, UBS Asset Management ranks as the 6th largest sustainable investing focused manager by assets under management globally with USD 48 billion1 and has USD 357 bn in ESG integrated assets under management. We are also the 2nd most successful in raising net new money over the last 12 months.
  • We are also a leader in sustainability data and committed to supporting clients in their own climate change transition.
  • Putting that commitment into action, we continue to focus on the development of investor relevant solutions.

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