Impressive results!

Strong results in the 2020 GRESB Infrastructure Assessments

05 Nov 2020

REPM demonstrates market leading performances across the board in the 2020 GRESB Infrastructure Assessments despite a more competitive peer group environment. 100% of REPM's submitted infrastructure funds achieved 5-star status, the highest recognition available reflecting top quintile performance.

The Saubermacher asset held by our first closed-end global infrastructure fund retained its #1 ranking in its peer group in Environmental Services and retained its overall “Asset Sector Leader” status for the third consecutive year, demonstrating outstanding leadership in sustainability.

In addition, Saubermacher has been awarded “GRESB Most Improved” in its peer group in Diversified and Other (including Environmental Services) in recognition of having the largest score increase compared to the previous year by sector and region from across the Assessments.