Multi Asset investing

Multi Asset solutions for modern markets

Your money in experienced hands: our specialist global multi asset team has been trusted by clients for over 30 years.

Delivering the best of our capabilities to you

Multi asset allocation and currency expertise across all liquid asset classes delivered via the following solutions:

  • Client-specific
  • Balanced
  • Growth-oriented
  • Income
  • Unconstrained total return


Our expertise

Experienced and trusted

In volatile markets, experience matters. We are always aware of the responsibilities involved in investing our clients money. UBS has been managing multi asset portfolios on behalf of clients since 1982.

Globally integrated resource

Our clients benefit from the expertise of a team of over 80 multi asset investment professionals (as of 31 December 2018) across offices in Chicago, New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo.


Our investment approach

Risk Management

  • Risk management and budgeting are critical inputs at all points of our process.

Long-term valuation analysis

  • Markets are inefficient. This can lead to assets being mispriced.
  • We seek to exploit those inefficiencies in a consistent manner using long-term valuation analysis.

Valuation plus catalyst

  • Sometimes factors other than valuation can influence asset prices for sustained periods. 
  • We therefore seek to understand why an asset is mispriced and identify a clear catalyst for closing the mispricing – a "valuation plus catalyst" process.

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