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Helping you address the challenges of fixed income investing in today's market environment

The future returns of traditional, benchmark-oriented fixed income funds may be limited by historically low yields and central banks that are normalizing or seeking to normalize interest rates.

For investors looking for a solution capable of navigating potentially volatile fixed income markets whilst taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, unconstrained bond funds are an attractive option.


Main challenges for fixed income investors

Lots of negative yields debts

The amount of negative-yielding debt continues to grow and poses risks for investors

Central banks' different paths

For illustrative purpose only. Source: Macrobond, data: 1 January 2010 to 1 January 2020.

Divergences in monetary policy between major central banks reflects key differences in fundamentals in each region

Historically low yields

For illustrative purpose only

When interest rates are low, bond yields also remain low

Big return differences across fixed income classes*

*On average over past 21 years based on Bof AML USD indices across Treasury, investment grade, high yield, emerging markets and mortgage backed, data as of January 2020

Flexibility is key when investing in fixed income as there are big return differences across asset classes

Benefits of flexible investing across fixed income asset classes

A look at the attractiveness of fixed income asset classes in different market environments including an expansion, recession, when markets trough and when markets recover.

Why invest in our UBS Global Dynamic bond strategy?

Flexible fixed income investing

  • Balanced approach
  • Truly global
  • No sector bias
  • No benchmark

Investment grade credit quality

  • Emphasis on quality and liquidity
  • Can be a core fixed income holding

Active duration management

  • Combination of cach bonds and derivatives
  • Ability to perform in both rising and falling rate environment

Diversified across the globe

  • Developed markets
  • Emerging markets

Diversified across asset classes

  • High yield corporate bonds
  • Sovereign bonds
  • Securitized debt
  • Emerging markets debt
  • Investment grade corporate bonds

Diversified by strategy

  • Duration/curve
  • Relative value
  • Security selection
  • Active currency

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