Impress. Find your own way.

Impress. Find your own way.

Impress. Find your own way, Zurich

Applications will open again in late summer 2017.

Together with GirlsDrive we invite you to our yearly corporate workshop. You'll be acompanied by exciting personalities.

You'll discuss things like:

  • How to combine clothes for work and what are no-go’s?
  • First impression, how can I work on my appearance and what signals do I send with what I do
  • How do I keep a good work-life balance
  • How to be a working mum
  • Being a female in the financial industry, diversity, how to survive in a male dominated world/company
  • What do we do for woman in the company (career comeback, woman’s business network…)
  • Do men respect a woman as a boss?
  • How does part time work or job sharing work?
  • Is a “being at home dad” becoming more popular?
  • What are bloggers and why are they doing this? What is the reason and do they live from this?
  • Social Media

Are you interested? Would you like to spend a relaxing afternoon with us and hear inspirational stories from our chosen guest speakers? Then apply here.