Jobs in Group Internal Audit

Providing assurance. Acting as an agent of change and supporting the firm in achieving its objectives.

Group Internal Audit

What we do

Group Internal Audit (GIA) supports UBS in achieving its strategic, operational, financial and compliance objectives. We do this by assessing key processes as well as governance, risk management, and the control environment within all business divisions globally. We are independent in our work and report directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

Our access to people at all organizational levels allows us to influence change. By helping management in discovering and sustainably resolving issues, we act as true agents of change contributing to the overall goal of bringing UBS forward.

Who we are



Executive Director
IB Regional Management Team
Located in New York, USA
Joined GIA in 2003

What we offer

Working in GIA gives you insight into different businesses, functions and products, while offering you exposure to UBS's management. You will be able to accumulate valuable know how, build a large business network as well as gain profile and visibility within the firm, both in your home country and abroad. Further, GIA offers you excellent career opportunities.

In short, as one of our team members said: "I bet there's no other place within UBS where you see more of the firm and learn faster than with GIA!"