Dispute a billing error

I have checked my monthly statement and I dispute one or more debits for the following reason (only one can be selected):

Cancelled subscription

I have already cancelled the subscription.

Multiple debits of same amount

The same amount was debited more than once.

Goods/service not received

I have not received the goods/service that I ordered.

Goods/service returned/cancelled

I have cancelled or returned the goods/service that I ordered.

Credit not booked

The agreed credit has not been booked to my credit card.

Paid using another method

The debited amount was not paid using my credit card, but by another method of payment (Maestro card, cash, etc.).

Incorrect amount

The debited amount does not correspond to the sales receipt.

Hotel reservation cancelled

I have already cancelled this hotel reservation.

Cash not received

I did not receive the required amount in this cash withdrawal.

Complaints concerning credit card surcharge

The merchant discriminates payments by credit card by imposing a higher surcharge than for other methods of payment.

None of the above reasons apply.