Where do I find my credit card invoice and how do I pay it online?

If you have switched to paperless invoices for credit cards, you will receive your invoices directly in E-Banking and Mobile Banking. Invoices can be viewed here for two years from their issue date.

Still not switched to paperless invoices?

Note: If you already pay your credit card invoices via eBill or direct debit, the current payment process will remain the same.

Partial payments

You can also make partial payments on your credit card bill. 

Bank details for payments to a UBS Credit Card

With the correct information, we can quickly credit your payments or transfers to your credit card account. Therefore, please choose the right bank account when depositing or transferring money.

If possible, use the payment slip provided. The following accounts can be used for online transfers.

Bank details

UBS Switzerland AG, P.O. Box, 8098 Zürich


UBS Switzerland AG,
c/o UBS Card Center, 
Flughofstrasse 35,
8152 Glattbrugg



Message field

Card account number



CH25 0023 0230 0129 5305 U


CH03 0023 0230 0129 5371 Y


CH09 0023 0230 0129 5370 Q


CH48 0023 0230 0129 5301 G