Apart from frequent hand washing, distance is particularly important for staying healthy. These four tips make it possible – for all the financial aspects of your life.

Tip #1

Carry out your banking transactions online

From home, you can check your account and your portfolio, retrieve banking documents, and access all your card transactions as usual. UBS Digital Banking is fully available to you. For complex requests and important questions, your bank advisor is available at any time by phone or via UBS Mailbox.

Tip #2

Pay bills the smarter way

No more typing in reference numbers and dealing with floods of paperwork: simply scan bills with our Mobile Banking App.

Or use eBill. You receive bills directly in Digital Banking, where you can pay in just a couple of clicks.

Tip #3

Make contactless payments by smartphone

Your smartphone turns into a wallet at the checkout: with the “Mobile Pay” function for Android smartphones or the popular UBS TWINT App. Either way, since you pay with your smartphone, you make no physical contact with the card terminal.

You can also make contactless payments with your credit/prepaid and debit card for amounts of up to 80 francs, as no PIN entry is required: simply hold your card over the card terminal once – done.

Tip #4

Take things into your own hands

Often it’s not necessary to call us or visit a branch: you can decide on and set up many things relating to your finances yourself in UBS Digital Banking.

Can we definitely reach you?

Are the email address and telephone number registered with us still up to date? Please take a quick look at your settings in Digital Banking. Especially in the current situation, we would like to be sure we can reach you if necessary. 

Watch out for scammers

More and more criminals are exploiting the current situation to get their hands on your data, for example through fake emails that appear to come from friends or work colleagues. The dangers range from malicious software to investment fraud.

No Digital Banking?

You can apply for Digital Banking online here. If this is not an option for you, click here for more information about further services and contact options.