Thematic investing

Explore structural forces driving global change

Our expertise

The world is changing at a rapid pace and structural forces of change such as population growth and aging, urbanization, technological advances, resource scarcity, and societal changes are all reshaping our future.

Zoom out and cut through the short-term noise: our thematic framework is aimed at gaining from secular trends, so that investors can unlock long term investment opportunities.

Our experienced teams focus on identifying exciting and attractively valued companies that are at the cutting edge of innovation. 

What sets us apart

Investing for tomorrow

Our thematic products are forward looking and supported by powerful megatrends, whereas traditional investing is often based on current market values and past winners.

Diversify away from traditional benchmarks by focusing on potential future winners.

Access to early-stage companies

Innovative companies that can adapt to megatrends and evolving demands by developing new products and services stand to benefit from significant growth potential.

Our investable companies are defined by their exposure and level of purity to the theme. We offer both pure-play and blend solutions to give investors an opportunity to gain from more focused or broadly diversified exposures.

Subject matter experts

Our investment teams focus on specific themes and market niches. As a result, they become experts in their areas of competence.

We interact with industry leaders and academics while conducting our bottom-up, propriety research based on company fundamentals to find innovative growth opportunities.

Thematic investing at UBS Asset Management

Planet and climate

The transition to a low-carbon economy not only benefits the planet but also provides significant investment opportunities. We focus on unlocking this potential across themes such as biodiversity, circular economy, water usage, energy transition, electrification, and infrastructure, to name a few.

Health and people

Aging populations and rising healthcare costs put pressure on the healthcare industry. Innovative companies from sectors such as health transformation, digital health and biotech offer investment opportunities that can drive long-term performance.

Digitalization and technology

Advancing technologies are changing the way we work, communicate, and spend our leisure time. We seek investment opportunities across themes and industries ranging from robotics and automation, to cybersecurity, digital transformation, big data and computing power, to artificial intelligence, and cloud solutions.

Our pure-play range

Learn about our pure-play approach to investing and discover our suite of strategies that offer focused exposure to exciting themes shaping the future.

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Thematic Equities

Transcending traditional equity allocation with long-term structural growth opportunities

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