Meeting the SDGs demands multi-stakeholder connections, capital, and cooperation

The theme of the 48th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World, and UBS is uniquely placed as the world’s largest wealth manager1 to help achieve the SDGs by combining forces with clients, corporations, and the public sector to mobilize the private capital funding such an ambitious plan necessitates.

In our 2017 WEF whitepaper, UBS made a number of commitments in this area. As this paper details, we have: launched a major thematic, private market impact investment in collaboration with TPG Growth linked to SDG-related impact priorities that stressed the “dual bottom line”; worked with our Global Philanthropists Community to share best practice and encourage collaboration to drive outcomes driven impact philanthropy approaches; worked with UBS Global Visionaries to highlight, promote, and aid their efforts to achieve the SDGs by, among other things, refocusing our Social Innovators program to assist them and hosting them at our major client events; and supported the development of an independent, impact investment platform Align172.

In the process of doing this we have learned a lot of lessons. This, our 2018 WEF whitepaper, outlines these lessons and includes a number of conclusions, new commitments and partnership requests.