International Women's Day 2019

Gender aware: Time's up for inequality

06 Mar 2019
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In both business and in the media, gender is in the spotlight. With intense scrutiny on issues such as the gender pay-gap and the importance of diverse representation at all levels within companies and organizations, it is important for us as investors to evaluate the impact of gender related issues on investment decisions. Can gender diversity be a driver of added value?

In this paper, co-authored by Valeria Piani, Strategic Engagement Lead, we look into the importance of gender diversity, how it might improve investor returns, and outline our engagement approach to unlocking this long-term value.

Our experts give their insights

In what looks set to be a difficult economic environment in 2019, we ask Suni Harford, Head of Investments, where investors can find value in equity markets in the year ahead.

In what looks set to be a difficult economic environment in 2019, Charlotte Baenninger, Head of Fixed Income shares her views on what areas will offer the best opportunities within fixed income.

In celebration of International Women's Day, our senior women told us what the day means for them and offered some insightful tips on how women can progress in the workplace.

Meet our experts

Suni Harford
Head of Investments

Suni Harford joined UBS Asset Management in 2017 as Head of Investments. Suni was previously at Citigroup where she worked for 24 years, most recently as Regional Head of Markets for North America. Suni was also a member of Citi’s Pension Plan Investment Committee and a Director on the Board of Citibank Canada. Earlier, Suni was Citi’s Global Head of Fixed Income Strategy and Analysis as well as Global Head of The Yield Book Inc. She started her Wall Street career at Merrill Lynch & Co. in investment banking.

Nasreen Kasenally
Chief Risk Officer

Nasreen Kasenally is the Chief Risk Officer Asset Management and Chief Risk Officer UBS Europe, Middle East and Africa based in London. She is responsible for both Primary Risks and Compliance and Operational Risk Control (jointly with C&ORC AM Head).

Nasreen has over 20 years of experience, of which more than 16 years were on the Investment Bank side (sell side), covering equity market risks both on a regional and global level in New York and London.

Charlotte Baenninger
Head of Fixed Income

Charlotte Baenninger is Head of Fixed Income at UBS Asset Management, responsible for overseeing Fixed Income and Money Market investment strategies globally.

Charlotte continues to head the Fixed Income Switzerland business which includes fixed income investment capabilities in Switzerland and Germany.

Canada Asset Management

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